As SCA Yachting, we are proud to be in cooperation with Turkey’s most innovative and inventive architects, technical personnel and shipyards. With legal procedures and pre-construction preparations performed by our expert brokers, SCA Yachting plays a key role in the construction of a yacht from start to finish. Our passion for quality work makes SCA Yachting unique. We do not allow surprises in any organization we manage. From the very beginning to the end of the project, we carry out our work with precision, in the most appropriate way, thanks to our expert staff. For us, there is no unattainable goal, no unreachable road; We believe in efficient work and the system. If you wish, you can contact our broker immediately.


Building a yacht starts researching patiently and enjoying the discovery; it requires huge investment and takes a lot of time. For this reason, every process from the very beginning to the end of the construction process includes issues that need to be passed over twice with precision.

Thanks to its business partners and brokers who are always active in the field, they are aware of the opportunities of the sector and dominate the field. In this process, you should choose your technical team and brokers with great precision. SCA Yachting takes on the role of an expert organizer in this process and works to protect you from all kinds of losses and surprises. Just focus on enjoying the process while we uncover exactly what you want. This guidance will bring you closer to the fulfillment of your dream.


When we conceptualize the project of your mind, our brokers will find the appropriate suppliers and prepare the requirement lists for the project. SCA Yachting will always be with you as a guide in order to get the best answers; be sure that he will choose the most suitable and best one for you, thanks to his expertise, among the outputs that he will collect from many of our business partners, shipyards and architects, through tender or bidding.


SCA Yachting makes use of the power of law and contracts while establishing every process on the basis of trust. For many processes to be managed, SCA Yachting will assemble a team of legal advisors and yacht professionals and make all the necessary contracts before starting the building process. The purpose of this is to save your time and money. You can be sure that we will protect you from surprises due to contracts with suppliers, shipyards and technical personnel. SCA Yachting will be proud to serve you as your guide in all these negotiation processes. We repeat the contracts we have made many times so that the whole process can be monitored properly and easily. These negotiations will make the construction process highly predictable and easy.


When all negotiations are completed under the guidance of SCA Yachting, the construction process will begin. In this process, SCA Yachting will appoint a shipbuilding engineer as the construction manager and will monitor the whole process instantly. During this process, we will repeatedly confirm whether everything is in line with our contracts; We will anticipate possible problems that may arise and guide our work. While all these processes are going on, we will inform you frequently about your yacht. We will be there as your agent to protect your yacht’s interests at every stage.


Once the construction of your yacht is complete, we will ensure that all contracts are fulfilled for all parties, and we will organize an expert final team for the tests that the yacht must pass before it is put into use. In this process, we will confirm that your yacht is ready for use, and we will work with the best experts in the field so that you do not encounter any surprise. After all these stages, while you are enjoying your yacht, we will be interested in the warranty processes. Do not think that our post-construction guidance is over, we will respond to your requests at any time. As SCA Yachting, you should have no doubt that we will be a follower of all the processes before, during and after the construction phase.


As SCA Yachting, we are aware of how serious refit is, thanks to our operational knowledge. With our confidence in our project management performance, you can be sure that we will professionally manage the entire refit process from the very beginning to the delivery.Our negotiation ability enables us to have productive negotiations with all suppliers and technical personnel; we select the best suppliers and technical personnel as your guides. Our shipyard and expert technical personnel network is designed to make you happy on delivery.

As a good organizer, we can easily handle the tasks that require mastery without giving you any surprises.We follow the whole process for you, inform you step by step and work to deliver your yacht to you in the most qualified way possible.


Whatever it takes to reshape your yacht with your updated wishes, we will masterfully handle it. Our expert brokers will guide you to find out what you really need or really want as we turn your mind on paper and your dream into reality. We have expert technical personnel and experience to suit every need. Whatever your needs, -complete interior renovation, painting, full body works, electronics or engineering- we have the answer.


When updating your yacht’s quality and age, trust us to identify and resolve any errors before they occur. We will manage all negotiations with transparency and be impartial, accompanied by our legal advisors and our expert project manager, whom we will assign specifically for you. At that moment, our only request will be bringing you together with your yacht as soon as possible while converting your yacht to the yacht you want. Rest assured that we will save your budget and time.


Once the refit process completed, we will make sure that all contracts are fulfilled for the parties and we will organize an expert final team for the tests that the yacht must pass before it can be put into use. In this process, we will confirm that your yacht is ready for use, and we will work with the best experts in the field so that you do not encounter any surprise. As SCA Yachting, the guidance that we offer will not end after the delivery of your yacht, we will always give you priority.