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SCA Yachting is a company specializing in yacht charter and management services. It is based in Turkey and offers a range of services for yacht owners, including yacht management, maintenance, and crewing services. The company provides a complete solution for yacht owners who want to enjoy their yacht without the hassle of managing it themselves.

SCA Yachting has a fleet of luxury yachts available for charter, ranging from classic sailing yachts to modern motor yachts. The company offers customized charter experiences, allowing clients to choose the itinerary, crew, and amenities that best suit their needs. The company’s experienced and knowledgeable crew members are dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring a memorable and comfortable experience for clients.

In addition to its yacht charter services, SCA Yachting also provides yacht management services, including maintenance, technical support, and financial management. The company has a team of professionals with expertise in yacht management, and they work closely with clients to ensure the yacht is well-maintained and operated safely and efficiently.

SCA Yachting is committed to providing a high level of service and ensuring that clients have a memorable and enjoyable experience on their yacht. The company’s focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction has made it a leading provider of yacht charter and management services in Turkey.

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SCA Yachting Logo